How To Make Your Ex Want You Back

Nobody likes getting dumped, but there are several things that can be done to get your ex back. The main thing is not to look jealous. It is important to show that you are not concerned with what they are now doing. Here are a few more things to use.

Don't Give Into Temptation

It can be very easy to get excited when your ex shows you attention again. Many times you will simply forget all the negative and jump right back into friendly conversations. You are immediately thinking about on how to make your ex want you back. Avoid all of these things, play hard to get. In fact, have very little communication with them. Make it very general and short. Try to look busy, always have an excuse for having to leave. This will intrigue your ex and have them wondering what you are up to. They are used to your attention and not showing it will keep them scratching their head.

Try New Things

Take time to enhance your life. Try new hobbies to increase yourself-esteem. New hobbies will also keep you busy. Experiment with new looks. Show that your are refreshed and on the market again. Try new clothing and hairstyles. This will have them notice you and remind them why you were important.

Make Them Jealous

Instead of you being envious, change the tables. Hang out with your friends of the opposite sex or even go on a few dates. This will drive your ex insane. He will always wonder if you are a couple with someone else. Jealousy will get to them and consume their daily thoughts. This will also make you feel wanted and lower your stress.